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Day Cream N/O

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Zepter’s state-of-the-art cosmetics laboratory in Switzerland brings you Swisso Logical Day Cream for normal/oily skin. Recognised the world-over as the perfect moisturising and lifting treatment, Swisso Logical Day Cream luxuriously pampers your face by deeply nourishing and energising the skin cells. The remarkable organic properties of ECHINACEA extract protect the skin from stress and environmental pollutants, while the natural plant oils smooth your skin and empower a revitalized, luminous, healthy look.
A pioneering combination of UV-A and UV-B filters provides vital protection against harmful ultraviolet rays and the formation of free radicals. In addition to fresh ECHINACEA extract, AVOCADO OIL and SWEET ALMOND, the innovative skin care cream contains a sebum-regulating formula which prevents excessively shiny skin.
Application Tip: Start with the middle area of the face and slowly massage the cream upwards. Apply the cream to the centre of the forehead and massage from the inner part of the eyebrows outwards. For best results, apply twice a day, mornings and evenings, after the Hydro Lifting Serum treatment.
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